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Tailor Made Business Insurance in Sherwood Park, AB

We offer a variety of packages for business insurance in Sherwood Park. Serving the needs of small, one-person operations to large franchises, all of our policies can be designed with specific coverage for the four aspects of your business that require protection: property, liability, crime and business interruption.

CIP Policy
The Commercial Insurance Protector (CIP) policy protects businesses operating in the following areas:

  • Service
  • Contractor
  • Property Ownership
  • Retail or Wholesale
  • Office

Basic CIP coverage includes:
  • Property of Every Description
  • Business Interruption
  • Crime Insurance
  • General Liability
Ready to Help
Ask us whether your business qualifies for the CIP. Tailor Made Insurance is waiting for your call!

BIP Policy
If your business does not meet these criteria, the Business Insurance Protector (BIP) may be designed for you. There are no compulsory coverages required. The BIP allows you to customize your insurance package to meet the specific requirements of your business.

All of the following are BIP optional coverages:
  • Property of Every Description
  • Business Interruption
  • Crime Insurance
  • Liability (Arising out of Your Business)
  • Umbrella Liability
Your Home-Based Business
Self-employed, freelancer, home business owner... no matter what you choose to call it, if your home address and work address are the same, our Home Business Protector is what you need.

Save Money
The Home Business Protector enables you to combine the different protections you need for your type of business or commercial activity, and you will pay less than you would for two separate policies! Ask Tailor Made Insurance whether your home-based business is eligible and how you can add it to your Homeowner, Condominium, or Tenant policy.

Business Interruption Insurance
In cases such as fire, property insurance policies do not cover loss of business income – but business interruption insurance does. Manufacturers, retailers, contractors, and transportation and warehouse firms should not be without this coverage.

Don’t Risk Personal Savings
While your building and equipment are being repaired or replaced, you still need a steady cash flow to meet expenses such as rent or mortgages, taxes, salaries, utilities, insurance, etc. Without business interruption insurance, both your business and personal savings may be required to salvage or maintain the business. Business interruption insurance can protect you against this risk.

Who needs this coverage?
Unless your business can be fully operational immediately following a property loss, you need Business Interruption coverage. It is particularly important for businesses that must invest in buildings, equipment, stock, and inventory. Also, Business Interruption coverage is essential help when you deal with customers and key suppliers.

Ask us about how Business Interruption Insurance can cover expenses such as:
  • Net Income That Would Have Been Earned before Taxes
  • Continuing Operating Expenses
  • Management Salaries
  • Lost Income for a Period Following the Resumption of Operations, until Your Business Returns to Normal
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