Protect Yourself

Tailor Made Insurance Protects Families

Even if we cannot prevent unpleasant events from happening, we can have an influence on what happens next. And that can make a big difference.

What will happen to you and your family if:
  • You break a leg while skydiving in Mexico?
  • You were injured and unable to work?
Protect Your Lifestyle
Most people consider buying a home, car, and life insurance an absolute must. Preparing for life's harshest realities isn't easy, but it can save you from financial ruin and protect the lifestyle you have worked so hard to achieve.

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Travel Insurance
GO!…out-of-province… across the border… around the world! Travel insurance is your passport to peace of mind. TravelWell® provides affordable, comprehensive emergency medical coverage for you and your family.

The TravelWell Advantage

  • Up to $5,000,000 Emergency Medical Insurance
  • Convenient Annual Plan
  • Covers Multiple Trips of up to 30 Days Each
  • Flexible Deductible Options
  • Direct Payment of Covered Expenses (When Possible)
  • Easy to Enroll
  • 24-Hour Medical and Travel Assistance
An Emergency You Can't Afford
Imagine a hospital bill of $10,000 US per day. Imagine being in a strange place when a loved one becomes ill.

Know Your Coverage
Your provincial health plan may cover only a portion of out-of-province medical and hospital expenses. We all expect to have a good trip, but if something does happen, you've got extra peace of mind with TravelWell.

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