Seasonal Property

Tailor Made Insurance Covers Boats, Trailers, RVs, and More

Your Cabin or Seasonal Property
Relaxation and fun… that's what seasonal properties are for. Whether it's a cabin on the lake or a winter ski cottage, you need to protect your seasonal hideaway.

Any Level of Coverage You Need
We provide insurance for your cabin or seasonal property, depending on the location and frequency of use. Is your cabin more like a second home? Then your insurance needs may go well beyond the limited coverage typically available for cabins. We have policies that provide the same level of protection as a policy for your home.

More Than Cabins
In addition, Tailor Made Insurance can provide specific coverage for:

  • Boats
  • Outboard Motors
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Utility Trailers
Protect Your Property
If you own waterfront property, ask us how increasing your liability coverage on your cabin or seasonal property insurance policy can protect you against:
  • Someone dives off your dock into shallow water and consequently suffers an injury.
  • A child wanders onto your property, entering the water and consequently suffering an injury.
"On the Road Again…"
Since your trailer is your home away from home, you still need coverage against fire, theft, or other loss or damage.

We’ll Cover Your Trailer
At Tailor Made Insurance, we offer you a customized product specially designed for personal-use vacation trailers. This unique policy allows you to cover your vacation trailer and its contents, as well as road service expenses. Coverage can even include the built-in accessories and equipment that are part of the trailer unit. Attachments such as awnings can also be insured.

Check Your Coverage
With Tailor Made Insurance, you can insure your vacation trailer by adding coverage to your home, condominium or tenant's insurance policy, or with a standalone vacation trailer policy. Ask us about coverage for your utility trailer. You should consider this option carefully, as your home, condominium, or tenant's insurance policy may provide only limited coverage.

Your Watercraft
Nothing compares to a leisurely boat ride. And of course, a good sailor knows the importance of being prepared for the unexpected, not only with the right equipment, but also with the right insurance protection.

Combine Coverages and Save
Watercraft coverage is available as a standalone policy or you can add it to your home, condominium, tenant, or cabin/seasonal policy. If you own or operate a personal watercraft (Sea-Doo or jet ski), contact us to discuss potential coverage options.

Know the Boating Rules
As a boater, you're expected to know the rules that apply on local waterways. To learn more, check the Safe Boating Guide.

Get in Touch with Us
For more details on any of the products we represent, call or email Tailor Made Insurance, and we'll reply within one business day.