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Benefits of Bundling Your Home, Auto, and Business Insurance

If you're looking for insurance that better suits your needs, then it may be beneficial to combine multiple lines of insurance into one policy. Many people choose to do this with their auto insurance, home insurance, and business insurance. The insurance brokers at Tailor Made Insurance are here to help you decide if bundling is the right choice for you. Here are some of the important advantages to consider.

Premium discounts 

The main benefit of combining insurance is to take advantage of combined insurance discounts. The right insurance broker will almost always find a way to save you money by bundling. Many homeowners choose to combine their home and auto insurance, and if you need both it may also be a good option. At Tailor Made Insurance, we will review all of your insurance policies and identify potential savings through multi-line discounts for the best possible value on the coverage you need.

Combined deductibles

Another way that combined insurance can save you money is by only requiring you to pay one deductible for an insurance claim for the same event. For example, if a hailstorm damages your roof and your vehicle, home and auto insurance are combined, then you will only need to pay one deductible rather than two.

Greater convenience

Managing multiple insurance policies, each with their own payment date and paperwork, can get complicated. By combining your insurance, you'll only need to make one easy payment and you'll have far less paperwork to deal with, saving you time. Dealing with only one insurer is also a lot more convenient, as any questions or concerns you have about your lines of coverage can be dealt with quickly.

Better coverage

Combining your home and auto insurance may also come with additional perks that you wouldn't always get under separate policies, such as additional liability coverage. Tailor Made Insurance offers personalized insurance packages that include professional liability and personal umbrella coverage, as well as special coverage insurance. Adding new lines of coverage to suit your needs is easy with one insurer.

Better service

An insurance company that can offer you combined insurance products tailored to suit your unique needs is likely capable of offering you the high-quality service you deserve. It speaks to the company's experience and relationship with top insurers, as well as to their ability to offer you affordable insurance rates while still providing the coverage you need. Additionally, you will have the convenience of dealing with one broker instead of multiple.

Discover All the Ways You Could Save on Insurance with Tailor Made Insurance

Tailor Made Insurance has been helping home and business owners find affordable and flexible insurance products from both global and local insurance companies since 1993. We'll be happy to let you know about all the ways you can save and all of the additional benefits of combining your auto insurance, home insurance, and business insurance.

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