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How Does Distracted Driving Affect Your Insurance in Alberta?

With the number of vehicles on the road increasing every year, the number of accidents is also increasing. Distractions while driving are the leading cause of mishaps. Several actions, such as texting or applying makeup, can distract you from the road, resulting in accidents. In this blog, Tailor Made Insurance Services lists out the serious insurance implications of distracted driving and the harsh penalties imposed on the defaulters.

Affects of Distracted Driving on Your Insurance Policies

As Alberta legislation mandates auto insurers to offer liability and accident benefits coverage, insurance companies have strict terms and conditions on policies. People convicted of distracted driving may get rejected when applying for insurance, or they may not be able to purchase physical damage coverages for their vehicles.  Without any physical damage insurance, you may not be able to acquire a loan for your vehicle. According to Insurance Business Magazine, it has become common for clients convicted of distracted driving to be turned down for comprehensive and collision insurance. Some insurers may offer insurance but require the customers to pay upfront for the full year. You should drive responsibly by combining your knowledge of traffic rules, driving practices and the right attitude.

Various other activities enlisted under distracted driving are:

  • Use of cell phones
  • Use of any type of electronic device
  • Reading printed materials
  • Writing or sketching
  • Personal grooming such as brushing hair

It doesn’t matter if the car has stopped at the traffic light or is in a lane, any distracting activity such as using your phone will ensure a distracted driving ticket. You could be charged around $287 and three demerits added to your license. The tickets are issued to the driver of the vehicle and not to the registered owner. Too many demerit points lead to the suspension of your driving license.

A single distracted driving ticket may not significantly affect your insurance but more than one will most definitely cause a problem. The insurance premiums may increase approximately 30 per cent every ticket depending on your package. Further, if you have received a clean driving record discount, it may be removed.

Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving

You can be careful by planning your trip in advance to avoid any case of distracted driving. You can install a GPS and blue tooth device to guide you to your destination. Set the car radio or music system in advance and avoid changing it while driving. For more information on other  road safety, read our blog – Motorcycle Safety Tips For Drivers & Riders.

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