Motorcycle insurance cover for accidents

Motorcycle Safety Tips for Drivers & Riders

Canada is a large country with extensive scenic routes that attract enthusiastic motorcycle riders. The diverse countryside offers a lot to explore. However, it is important for riders to understand the risks involved on the road. It doesn’t matter whether you are a regular or an occasional motorcycle rider accidents and fatalities can happen anytime. Motorbikes occupy less space on the roads and are less reflective; it is difficult to notice a biker from a far. You can avoid accidents by following certain safety guidelines. For instance, wearing bright colors on the road makes you more visible and less prone to a crash. 

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Safe Riding Tips for Motorcyclists

Though everyone on the road shares the responsibility of keeping each other safe, it is important for the riders to understand the hazards involved. Here are the top nine precautions:

1. Wear the proper protective gear
Most of the deaths in road accidents happen when the riders are not wearing helmets. During a collision, your head is most vulnerable to traumatic impacts. In Canada, it is mandatory for both the riders and the passengers to wear DOT approved helmets. Also wear leather clothing, boots and gloves to avoid other significant injuries.

2. Know your bike
It is very important to be familiar with your vehicle. If it is a new bike or you have upgraded it, get accustomed to the handle turns, the weight and more. This will help with better handling and decrease the chances of a crash.

3. Check before every ride
A quick assessment before you start driving will help in avoiding surprises on the road. Check the pressure and the depth of the tires, turn signals, brakes and the fuel level before riding.

4. Ride defensively
You can best protect yourself from the mistakes of other riders by being alert and following speed limits. While driving, give yourself plenty of room to slow down or change directions if someone in front of you suddenly stops or switches lanes.

5. Obey the rules
You need to follow the traffic rules like complying with lane markings and road signs while driving. Don’t get too close to the vehicle in front to avoid collision and be aware of others doing the same.

6. Be aware of your surroundings
If you are approaching a construction zone, slow down according to the posted speed limit to avoid heavy fines. You must do the same when you spot emergency vehicles like police vans, ambulances and tow trucks. In addition, you may find animals grazing on the side of the road or quickly crossing the road. While it is fun to capture them on camera, carelessly speeding across isn’t wise.

7. Watch the weather
Sudden rain or snow makes the road slippery where you can lose control. Find out the weather predictions for the day and plan accordingly. It is always smart to have your rain gear handy.

8. Get Motorcycle Insurance

Valid driver license and insurance are mandatory for all drivers in Canada. Get motorcycle insurance in St Alberta to claim:
  • Medical expenses for other people injured in an accident caused by you
  • Loss of income, medical needs or funeral costs if you are harmed in an accident
  • Damages to the other motorist’s property if you are liable
  • Cost of your stolen or damaged vehicle

9. Don’t drink and drive
Be sure to not drive while intoxicated, drowsy or distracted. Doing so risks the lives of others as well as yours. Under influence, your ability to judge, perceive your surroundings and control your body is very limited. There is zero tolerance for such violations as you can be arrested and charged for it.

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